Deploy first.. code later

Lets face it… if your project doesn’t work on anyone else’s machine you have much bigger problems that a buggy button.

It’s really important to start a project by deploying first. If you think you’ll have time at the end, you won’t. It’s inevitable that a project will push you to the limit of your time constraints and when your boss wants to see what you’ve accomplished, it’s so much better to send a deployed version missing a few things than something which has yet to work anywhere but on local host. If you wait until the last day or the last hour to deploy, you will be totally devastated when you run into any issues.

And on a very positive note.. if all goes well, you’ll have time to add that super cool animation or extra feature!

Key issues that can plague deployment late in the game are:
* Dependencies
* API callback addresses
* Environment variables
* Real world testing environment


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